We work with three principles to bring a radical new approach in our architectural design process:

We design Time
Time is an essential variable for our design proposals. We aim to design places able to interact and evolve with its inhabitants. For us, it is essential to design people’s experience  in a space rather than focusing solely on a building’s shape and physical appearance.

We design  Eco-centric Architecture
from a human-centric approach in the design process we want to bring a radically new perspective, an eco-centric design approach. The only variable we were used to design our buildings around was people and their needs. We believe that this paradigm must change. We introduce a new set of variables in our design process: ecosystems, communities, climate, energy, materials life-cycle and, of course, people.

We design Techno-logic Organism
Technology has always been the most fundamental element in architecture, from caves to 1 km tall buildings; from stone blocks to bricks, from arches to reinforced concrete and carbon fibres. Without the most elemental technologies to the most advanced of today, the word “architecture” couldn’t even exist. With the incredible advancement in technology in the last decades, how can we take the next step? How do we make our buildings smart? By imitating nature. By using advanced technologies able to transform our buildings from inanimate boxes to artificial living organisms.
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