HYPERCay started as a response to the urgent need to develop sustainable living solutions on water. Due to rising sea levels, 1 billion people in 150 of the most populated cities globally are now threatened to lose their habitat by 2050. The project builds on the foundations of MORPHotel, an earlier concept for a floating luxury hotel structure, which gained international attention of leading global media outlets, such as:
HYPERCay (HC) is a pioneering concept in sustainable sea travel designed to push the limits of self-sufficient travelling and living on water. Moving slowly through the sea, HC offers visitors a customisable experience to deeply and independently explore the natural surroundings along the journey. This is made possible thanks to HC's unique architectural design that features a core body and detachable explorer units for guests.
Bridging the gap between conventional cruise ships and hotels, the concept of HC is based on three pillars:
1) Hyper-Journey: Unlike traditional cruises, where passengers have to join and disembark at fixed points, HC passengers can join at any point along the ever-moving/changing itinerary. While the central body provides spaces and facilities for dining, entertainment, and social interaction, private detachable explore units at each guest room allow travellers to explore the surrounding environment.
2) Adaptability: The"Vertebral Spine Structure" of HC is capable of changing shape to adapt to different weather and sea conditions, and to navigate through diverse geographical marine locations, including shallow waters, narrow channels, etc.
3) Self-sufficiency: HC is a self-sufficient artificial ecosystem powered by renewable energy with a mangrove garden at its core which serves as a nursery for animals and plants. All operations of HC involve local communities to promote and support the environment and regional economies.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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